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Z the Berserker


Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano should be called Z the Berserker from now on after a remarkable string of antics that Cubs manager Lou Piniella would even have a hard time topping.

In case you haven’t already seen the footage, he 1. Threw a tantrum on a bang-bang play at homeplate the umpire probably got right, 2. Got in the ump’s face and gestured that he should be thrown out of the game after he was ejected, 3. Threw a ball to left field that the wind kept from getting to the bleachers, 4. Went all post-pine tar George Brett/Carlos Zambrano vs. Michael Barrett/Ryan Dempster on the dugout Gatorade machine.

A Berserker, by the way, was a Norse warrior who wore coats of wolf or bear skin and was commonly understood to have fought in an uncontrollable rage or trance of fury. In case you were wondering.

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