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Wishing harm


Two things said/written fromĀ opposing political viewpoints and perspectives over the weekend have triggered my centrist rage in a similarly troubling way.

The first was one of those annoying top five things on Facebook filled out listing five people the world would be better off without. President Obama was listed twice, leading me to believe that this particular ideologue may not be so anti-abortion in the case of unborn future Democrats.

The second was a “joke” told at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner our president so untactfully laughed at wishing kidney failure on Rush Limbaugh.

It’s one thing to disagree with those in power or get annoyed with loud mouths on the radio or cable TV – I do it all the time – but to wish kidney failure or extinction on someone simply because his viewpoints don’t match your own petty, propaganda-fueled left or right-wing ideology is anything but funny.

Haters to the left of me, haters to the right – get a grip.

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  1. I felt this article,, written months before the election, summed up much of my issue with politics in general. I realize that it’s just as bad if everyone agrees, but why the hate?

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