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Usual suspects – week of May 3


These were the “usual suspects” in my RSS feed this week

Spokeswoman Bristol Palin. Apparently abstinence isn’t such an unrealistic idea for Bristol now that she’s on someone’s payroll

Star Trek. I get that JJ Abrams directed it and that he’s supposed to be cool because he has a popular TV show but what’s Star Trek if there’s no William Shatner to make fun of?

Triple X Star Trek. The endless posts about the umpteenth Star Trek movie opening were bad enough without the repeated plugs to a YouTube trailer for a porn film. No thank you. 

Manny Ramirez. Is this really that big of a surprise? Your favorite player probably juiced up too. Heck, even I’ve taken steroids – injected into to me by my doctor when I messed up my knee. 

Pelosi busted. Now that we know Nancy Pelosi knew more about Bush and Cheney’s torture program than she has let on, it’s time for heads to roll on both sides of the aisle. 


Pat Robertson. No commentary necessary for this verbal train wreck.

Mustard. The right wing apparently didn’t have much to go after President Obama for this week.

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