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Dear Facebook friends who enjoy filling out quizzes,

I really do not need to know that you are like a six-pack of panties. I don’t care that this means you are as “unpredictable as your underwear” or that you can be “studious one day- wild the next.” 

I also don’t want to know what firearm best suits you, what love language you have, how many kids you will end up with (in my wife’s defense she made sure not to share the results with any of her other Facebook friends) or even, as funny as it is picturing you riding a triceratops with a crossbow, what dinosaur/weapon combo you would ride into battle with.

I would, however, like to know what’s going on with you. Maybe you could send me a personal e-mail not broadcast simultaneously to all of your “friends” or pasted on my wall for all of my “friends” to read.

But then again, maybe you’re too busy.

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