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Txting gone wild

A Florida man recently claimed that his 14-year-old daughter’s text messaging hit 35,000 per month twice in 2008.

According to an Orlando Sentinel article:

Her peak month was June, when she tallied 35,463 messages, or about 1,182 a day. Assuming she slept eight hours a day, that’s about 74 messages an hour, or roughly one coming or going each minute.

Two questions came to my mind right away when I read this: What the hell is she texting every minute of the day and to whom is she sending these texts?

Unsurprisingly, the Sentinel reporter had to find answers to these and more obvious questions by texting the girl:

“Well it’s different things with different people,” she wrote. “Like with my cheer friends we talk about cheerleading. Then with friends from school and stuff we’d talk about how our summers were and what we expected high school to be like. And my boyfriend and i talk about random things. He’s the main reason my texting is so high becuz we’re constantly texting. Lol”

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