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TV shows better than movies

“Without doing a scientific survey of the entertainment predilections of the American public, I can still confidently say that there appears to be a preferential shift away from movies and toward television. I would bet that you have noticed that your friends are more excited for new episodes of a favorite show than they are for the release of a super-hyped studio tentpole movie. Sure, some of the reason for there being more good TV shows than movies is arithmetic: There are more networks producing series than ever, and also it is much more convenient to access those shows on your DVR or streaming service. But there’s more to it than just volume and convenience. The most significant reason TV is favored has to be the overall malaise that has taken hold of the movie audience, which is illustrated by the oft-heard phrase, ‘There is nothing out worth seeing.'”

-Gavin Polone, TV and film producer in an article for Vulture titled “The Main Reason TV Is Now Better Than Movies

Shows like The Wire, Friday Night Lights, Mad Men and Breaking Bad, their availability through Netflix and Hulu and a spouse who falls asleep an hour into most movies has fueled my own obsession with TV and back-slide with movie watching. As for movies in the theater: their hasn’t been a movie playing on multiple screens in town I’ve wanted to pay more than my monthly Netflix subscription cost to see in the last decade.

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