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Time to take a back seat

“Maybe it’s time for Christians to finally take a back seat in the massive power grab going on in the United States. While we argue over policy, while we get in line for chicken sandwiches or explain the most recent natural disaster, another family spends the night hungry in Detroit or Lancaster City or Sri Lanka. While we fan a holy rage over an empty chair or ‘you didn’t build that,’ a Sri Lankan girl quietly celebrates her birthday, limping around her back yard on a mangled leg, the result of a man who hit her with his truck and then kicked her into a ditch. Just another poor girl. Just another sad story.

The fact is, you can do a massive amount of good in this country without holding the majority in the Senate. You can do immense good in this world without having “your guy” in the Oval Office.”

Shawn Smucker

Photo of Sri Lanka via Wikimedia Commons

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