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  1. those buzz words help make the story interesting to the masses. relevant, radical, hip, punk, indie, hipster, different, intense…do they mean anything in such a context? i guess it means “not your grandma’s sunday school at the 30person country sunday-morning snooze fest church service”.

    i hope skate parks, gatorade & starbucks sponsorships and free wifi aren’t the only changes happening with churches in the States.

  2. joshuagrace,

    The “hip, relavent…” etc kind of labels are true of Mars Hill, but they definitely don’t tell the whole story. Mars Hill is very very theologically conservative. The church looks very liberal, I agree, but the teaching is very traditional in its teaching. As a regular attender, I can confirm that to be the truth.

    So, besides the changes you’ve mentioned, yes, there are other changes too–people’s lives, and I can testify to that…..But to phrase it rightly, it isn’t Mars Hill that changes anything, but Jesus who is the head pastor of Mars Hill (and every other sound Christian church for that matter)

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