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Doctor names

1. Richard “Dick” Chopp, MD, is a practicing urologist with the Urologist Team in Austin, Texas. When vasectomy patients leave Dr. Chopp’s practice, they walk away with an “I got ‘chopped’ at the Urology Team” T-shirt. Source: American Medical Association News

2. Kevin Blinder, MD, is a retina surgeon in St. Louis and associate professor at Washington University School of Medicine. “I always kid around about it. I say, ‘You won’t forget my name,'” Blinder told the AMA News. “Some patients laugh, so it’s a good icebreaker.” Source: AMA News

3. George Knapp, MD, is an anesthesiologist in Houston, Texas. Source: UCompare HealthCare

4. Gary Alter, MD, is board certified in urology and plastic surgery. He specializes in genital reconstruction and has practices in Beverly Hills, Calif. and Manhattan, N.Y. Alter has appeared on the E! cable reality show “Dr. 90210.” Source:

5. John Looney, MD, is a psychiatrist in Cary, Durham, and Raleigh, N.C. Source:

6. Barney Softness, MD, is a pediatrician in Manhattan. Source: New York Times

7. Peter Flesch, MD, PhD, published an article called “The Physiology of Skin” in the March 1944 issue of the Annual Review of Physiology. Dr. Flesch died in 1969. Source: Google

8. William Head, MD, is a practicing neurologist and psychiatrist in Union, N.J., and Staten Island, N.Y. Source:

9. Mark Handler, MD, is a hand surgeon in Cincinnati, Ohio. Source: UCompare HealthCare

10. Paul Babey, MD, is a pediatrician in Scottsdale, Ariz. Source: UCompare HealthCare

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  1. at my hospital we have a Dr. Butt who is ironically a gastroenterologist and often comes to the unit to do procedures like colonoscopies

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