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Texting while meeting

It’s one thing to take calls, check texts tweets, or the news when out and about by yourself. But it has become the norm to take them when meeting with others. That reduces the quality of the interaction and sends a message that the person you are with is merely an option, other options are ever present and must be assessed, maybe exercised.

For those in high urgency professions (doctors, traders) I can see this being acceptable. And everyone has occasions when they need to be on the alert for news, a call, or a text. But this has become routine.

Yves Smith

(Hat Tip: Rob Horning)

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  1. This is a HUGE problem in my office among our management. They do it in front of customers and I actually overheard a customer complain about it when they didn’t realize anyone from my company was around. If we are ni a company-only meeting it is 10 times worse.

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