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Best Obama rumor ever

Obama was in the most annoying video of 1993? No way!

Praying over cardboard presidents

The Jesus Camp kids are back, praying over a cardboard Obama.

Online overkill – Week of March 16

Good, bad, annoying and indifferent, these were the topics that burned a hole in my RSS feed this week. AIG. The best thing about this outrageous story being EVERYWHERE this week were the photos like this one of Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo accompanying blog posts about the insanity of taxpayer-funded bonuses for poorly performing executives.  Barack Obama’s NCAA picks. […]

Bad art you can believe in

I have a friend who attributes much of the bad art he sees to a “world famous artist” named Gary Gooper. I don’t know Gary Gooper’s political affiliation if he even has one, but I’m pretty sure he approves of the staggering work of genius No. 44 has already inspired less than two months into […]

McCain 2.0

The Republican Party has been using a grab-bag of strategies to counter Obama’s policies over the past month. They rail against the stimulus package for its (supposed) pork. They hammer home their points with gimmicky videos and props. They speak in warrior rhetoric and revel in heroic, fighting-man stunts. But if there is one strand […]