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Star-Ledger born to run

When I was starting out as a cub reporter for the company that owns the Newark, N.J., Star-Ledger, I would tell people my paper was on the bottom of the company’s Ledger-anchored totem poll.

I didn’t mind admitting that because the Ledger was such a great paper and, well, my dinky paper was pretty much the exact opposite.

Like newspapers everywhere, the Star-Ledger has suffered through lay-offs and buyouts of key newsroom staffers over the last few years, making it less of the great paper it once was.

Still, thouh the paper’s 11-person Trenton crew that snatched a Pulitzer for its coverage of the McGreevey scandal has shrunk along with other key areas, the paper continues to be  a reliable watchdog in the Garden State.

A recent Editor & Publisher article shows how the paper read by Tony Soprano continues to rock on in times of tremendous uncertainty.

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