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Social networking ghost town

Former users returning after a long absence will find friends’ profiles resting in a circa-2006 state. My old roommate, who has earned a master’s degree, worked at a newspaper in Minneapolis, gotten married, and moved to the South Pacific with his wife since he ceased to be my roommate, is still sleeping right next-door, per Friendster.

-David Roth in the Slate article “Ye Olde Social Network.”

I actually stubmled across my Friendster profile earlier this week. I’m single, live in New Jersey, work for a daily newspaper covering education. None of those things are true anymore.

I have pending friend requests from Taryn, Raven, Chloe, Heaven, Ashlyn, Esmeralda, Makayla and 15 other spam-bots who want me to check out their photos on some skeevy adult dating site.

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