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Quotation: Ayers on the campaign

Well, what I didn’t want to comment on was the political campaign. I didn’t want to enter into that. The reason is simple: I thought that I was being used as a prop in a very dishonest narrative — and I didn’t want to be part of the narrative and I couldn’t find a way to interrupt it. Anything that I said was going to feed that narrative. So I felt that part of this was the demonization of me — certainly that I’m some kind of toxic agent that has to be feared.

The second thing, and perhaps more important, is that I was being used to try to bring down this promising new leader by the old tactic of guilt by association. The idea that somehow — and this is deep in the American political culture — that if two people share a bus downtown, have a cup of coffee, have several conversations, that somehow means that they share an outlook, a perspective, responsibility for one another’s behavior. And I reject that. That guilt by association is wrong and we shouldn’t buy into it.

-William Ayers, in an interview with’s Walter Shapiro.

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  1. Yeah, because a real American, a moral American, a patriot American would only associate with Ayers and his “wife” long enough to gut shoot them and then piss in their wounds.

    Americans – the real sort – don’t forgive those who attack us and certainly never forgive a traitor like Ayers. I can’t speak for the Liberals though; they have a wildly divergent take on what is right and what is wrong and apparently a worldview based on hating the nation that is kind enough to allow them to live within it.

  2. For what it’s worth, I’m not suggesting that there is any excuse for what Ayers and other members of The Weather Underground did to protest the Vietnam War.

    I was more interested in his explanation of why he waited until after the campaign to speak and what he thought of the way he was used by Sarah Palin to spur suspicions that Barack Obama might be a terrorist sympathizer.

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