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Pete Carroll’s sour grapes

It was easily one of the most awkward press conferences to announce a player’s decision to go pro. After Sanchez, dressed in a suit, announced he would be entering the NFL draft to a silent Heritage Hall crowd, Carroll took the microphone and proceeded to list the reasons Sanchez made the wrong decision for five or so minutes.

“I am disappointed in that the information that we have wasn’t compelling enough to make it clear to him,” Carroll said. “Our view of it is, and as you guys will see as you dig into this a little bit more, you’ll see that these early entry quarterbacks are less than 50-50 successful.”

All the while, Sanchez sat five feet to Carroll’s left, awkwardly smiling as his coach failed to fully support his decision. Watching Carroll list the statistics Sanchez had to overcome was like watching a best man giving a toast at a wedding and listing the reasons the marriage was doomed to fail instead of simply offering congratulations and well wishes.

Arash Markazi

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