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Online Overkill – week of March 8

Good, bad, annoying or indifferent, these are the stories that got the most play or not enough in my blog reader this week.

The coming evangelical collapse. As much as I enjoy Michael Spencer’s Internet Monk blog, I thought he went a little thick with the sensationalism on his evangelical collapse posts back in January. This week, thanks to a condensed essay based on the blog series in the Christian Science Monitor, it was everywhere I looked.

Twitter. I’m with Helen Popkin. Shut up about it already.

Bristol Palin. A story about the Alaskan governor’s daughter and her grandbaby’s daddy splitting was the top news item on the Web site for my local newspaper Thursday morning. And we wonder why newspapers are dying?

Michael Steele. If I were a Republican I’d be furious; If I were a Democrat I’d be thrilled. Since I’m neither, I’m bored with the endless coverage of the foot-in-mouth prone GOP leader.

Cramer vs. Stewart. I have to agree with Megan Garber. Jon Stewart’s battle with cable business news network CNBC shouldn’t be front page news but there’s a reason why everyone’s been talking about it: it’s good craic.

The Netherlands. I realize the World Baseball Classic isn’t as important as the latest scoop on Terrell Owens, Alex Rodriguez or the places Roger Clemens had steroids injected into his rear-end, but The Netherlands beating the mighty Dominican Republic twice should have been beaten to death. Save for some scattered AP headlines, an column I linked and a post three days after the fact on First Things, it was mostly ignored by many blogs, sports-focused ones included, I read.

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