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Online overkill – Week of Feb. 3


Good, bad, annoying or indifferent, these are the topics that filled my RSS Reader this week.

The Big Game (aka the commercial-watching party). It’s over. And no I didn’t watch the commercials or the four-hour game. Next.

My Bloody Valentine. It’s been 22 years since they released an album so you’ll have to excuse music geeks fans for freaking out a little bit about it. That the album was dropped unexpectedly over a weekend only added to the buzz that’s still reverberating and quite possibly could be until the time comes for the year-end album of the year lists.

House of Cards. Between the release of m b v and Netflix making the entire first season of their original political thriller available, there were plenty of welcome distractions from American football (in my case Downtown Abbey watching). The show is shaping up to be a Newsroom-esque guilty pleasure, but it’s making paying for the streaming account pre-Arrested Development look like a good choice all the same.

Baby Dancing Gangnam Style. Just when you thought the “Gangnam Style” fad had faded into oblivion, a sleeping baby waking up and dancing in her carseat to the song comes along. What’s strange about the video is that it was originally captured from the father’s Facebook account without permission and posted to YouTube. Creepy.

Iron Discontinued, replaced by cat. A lot of people were talking about the Monopoly iron being replaced by a cat, but since I don’t plan on buying a new monopoly board any time soon – the one I own hasn’t been played in at least a decade – I was just kind of (shrugs shoulders) about it.

Post Office Ending Saturday Delivery. Didn’t this already happen? Wait, I can still get packages on Saturday? Only getting junk mail five days a week sounds like a win to me. I’m also happy that my friend who is a letter carrier won’t have to deliver on Saturdays. She was apparently so bombarded and overwhelmed with questions about the announcement she posted a message on her Facebook page saying she would not be answering any more questions about it.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete. A video surfaced this week that was shown as part of a reunion for the beloved ’90s Nickelodeon at SF Sketchfest and it was painfully hard to watch as Little Pete gets drunk at the bar and Big Pete acts like an arrogant jerk. I guess it’s supposed to be funny, but some things are better left in the past.

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