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No Danny No


British tabloid The Sun is reporting that Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle has been asked to direct the next Bond film.

Our advice/request to Mr. Boyle: Run. Far, far away.

Danny Boyle making the 23rd Bond film as his follow-up to one of the most decorated films of all time would be a crime somewhere in the territory of Martin Scorcese deciding to make another Rocky sequel. Or the Coen Brothers making another Naked Gun. 

Okay, maybe it isn’t that bad. I mean, Christopher Nolan made another Batman movie and a lot of people loved it.

But still, I have to admit  I would have rather seen the film Nolan would have made if he wasn’t busy making another movie about a billionaire who runs around in a black suit fighting crime.

Hopefully, Boyle’s next film is something more groundbreaking and original than yet another film about a womanizing spy saving the day.

Who said the world needs another James Bond film anyway?

Pictured above is Danny Boyle working with the lead actors in the movie Millions.

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