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News and Notes: Innocence Mission releasing EP

To hold fans over until their forthcoming album is released in the spring, The Innocence Mission are releasing a limited edition eight-song EP.

The EP, titled Street Map, contains “a few songs from the new album…some other new songs, and one earlier unreleased song,” according to the band’s Web site.

The site is vague about the actual “late November” release date, but does include a link for pre-orders and purchases.

Track list:

1.  From a Homeland
2.  Sunshine Roof
3.  Pioneering (listen)
4.  We Wake Up in the Earliest Blue of All
5.  A Thousand Miles
6.  Fair Hill
7.  You Draw the Streets of Rome
8.  Suitcase Waltz

(Hat Tip: Puddlegum)

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