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Long-time Tangzine favorite Mike Kinsella is releasing his fifth Owen album — New Leaves — on Sept. 22, according to a release from Polyvinyl.

From the release:

Much has changed for Mike Kinsella (American Football, Joan of Arc, Cap’n Jazz) since 2006’s solo album At Home with Owen. As he began writing his fifth album, Kinsella became a husband and a father. For a musician who has never been afraid to address deeply personal topics in his songs, it would be impossible for such life altering changes not to affect the music he creates. And so, it is not surprising that New Leaves, as its title suggests, finds Kinsella branching off the core aspects that have always characterized his songs – distinct vocal inflections, biting wit and unique guitar playing – by adding fresh flourishes.

On New Leaves, the arrangements are more elaborate, the song structures more complex, and the lyrics more refined. “Being a lot more settled has freed up space in my mind that was once occupied by frivolous romantic social interactions to be used for thinking critically about broad social interactions and issues,” says Kinsella. “I’ve been feeling the weight of having an entire other human to consider throughout every moment of every day” which is a new sense of responsibility reflected in songs that now focus on learning from past mistakes and living in the present.

Click HERE to download “Good Friends, Bad Habits” from the album.

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