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Never let an unwatched pot boil again


Are you sick of unwatched pots boiling over while you’re trying to cook? Well, has QVC got the product for you. It’s called a Boiling Minder and I’m convinced it’s one of the dumbest inventions ever. I stumbled across a whole shelf of these $19.95 tragedies of the free market while visiting the QVC (junk shop) outlet yesterday with my always entertaining in public father.

It wasn’t until I went to the Web site and watched the YouTube video below that I even understood what usefulness this object resembling a breath-a-lyzer could actually have.

Of course, now I’m even more convinced the product has no real usefulness other than as a sign of an impending apocalypse. But I’d take it over the $87 painting with busted out glass/beat up matting, the $45 manger (My dad: “Anyone who puts the Christ child in that thing deserves to be zapped) or any of the furniture my dad called “the greatest collection of particle board” he’d ever seen in the store any day.

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