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Stereogum is premiering the second song off Danielson’s forthcoming album Best of Gloucester County on the site today (“Grow Up” was featured on the site back in December). Check it out HERE.

It’s an upbeat, easy-to-dance-to number that might just inspire you to enter the family-friendly “party-game” Brother Daniel and company are running over the next two weeks:

The “People’s Picture Partay” is a two-week party-game, and you’re invited. We’re collecting drawings and photos of “conversation, recreation, and celebration” (from the chorus of the song). In other words, we want images of downright partay-ing. The best photos and drawings will be assembled into the official “People’s Partay” video, which will be unveiled on the interwebs immediately before Danielson hits all major U.S. highways for the “People’s Springtime County Partay” (check the itinerary here). So, start sending pictures! You could be famous!! Your friends could be famous!! Your grandma could be famous!! Not only that, but the person with the most pictures used in the video gets the ‘Gloucester County Prize Pack’!

A few guidelines:
1) Submissions will be accepted through Feb. 22nd
2) Send as many images as you want to
3) Images need to be original (meaning you own the rights to the image)
4) Images of “conversation, recreation, and celebration”
5) Images need to be rated G
6) Images need to be 1 MB or less

Let’s get this partay started!

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