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Laundromat Love

I’ve been holding onto this photo I took at the laundromat I frequent for about a year now, figuring Valentine’s Day would be the most appropriate day to post it in all its awkward glory. I don’t know if this guy actually found love or if the note claiming that he’s “met his match” was a prank or a woman who wasn’t a good match, but I do know that the weirdly aggressive laundromat ad campaign launched by a 37-year-old SWM looking for a long-term relationship abruptly ended not long after I took this photo.

In the age of Facebook and an endless supply of niche dating sites, you wouldn’t think the laundromat bulletin board would be a place to find love, but at least for today (I’m cheesy, I know) I’d like to believe these two star-crossed laundry lovers did in fact end up living happily ever after.

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