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Late ’90s revisited

Back when this publication was much younger, more ambitious and ideological, it was a photocopied print zine that focused mostly on the late ’90s Christian-influenced punk and indie-rock scene in and around Philadelphia.

Bands like Ghoti Hook, the Huntingtons and Speedy Delivery were regular names in its pages, written up in concert and record reviews or plugged in listings for concerts, some of which were Tangzine church basement affairs.

They were formative times I often look back on fondly if with a smidge of embarrassment.

I was reminded of those days and the three aforementioned bands in particular today when I read a news item about an upcoming reunion show in Philadelphia at Circle of Hope on June 13.

All three bands, along with Tantrum of the Muse, Dodavahu and several others (word has it One-21 and Pink Daffodils mighty possibly be in the mix as well) will join forces to raise money to benefit the family of Mike Pierce, the Huntingtons original drummer.

Pierce’s wife, Jeannie, immortalized in the song “Jeannie Hates the Ramones,” was diagnosed with stage three brain cancer in 2006 and has had three brain surgeries to date. She has limited use of the left side of her body. Suffice it to say the concert is more than just a walk down memory lane.

All proceeds from the show will be going to the Pierce family. More details will be forthcoming. You can check out Cliffy Huntington’s post about the concert HERE.

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