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James Dobson resigns, sort of

Conservative evangelical leader James Dobson officially resigned his chairmanship of Focus on the Family earlier this week, according to the Associated Press, but won’t exactly be exiting the spotlight.

Dobson, a 72-year-old child psychologist and author who founded Focus on the Family more than three decades ago, plans to still do his radio show, write a monthly newsletter and speak out on moral issues (read: promote the Republican party agenda), according to the AP report.

Though his more recent political activities have earned him and his organization a divisive reputation, Revolution in Jesusland blogger Zack Exley noted last year how Dobson and FOTF weren’t always associated with spreading political propaganda like the ridiculous anti-Obama “letter from 2012” that circulated before the Nov. 4 election. Exley wrote:

“For years, FOTF was one long, continuous, cheery stream of socially conservative but therapeutically liberal self-help and affirmation. And then suddenly James Dobson started frothing at the mouth. More and more, he crowded out feel-good programs with hysterical anger about things like ‘the Homosexual Agenda!'”

Let’s hope this semi-retirement will help him find his bearings a bit.

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