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Is Tumblr Facebook 2.0?


Does this sound familar? Teenagers, amusing images, sharing only with trusted friends? In some ways, Tumblr is actually Facebook 2.0! As Facebook has become a real-life social network infested with parents, co-workers, ex-friends, and people you barely know, Tumblr has become the place where young people express themselves and their ACTUAL INTERESTS with their ACTUAL FRIENDS.

-Adam Rifkin, TechCrunch

Rifkin also refers to Tumblr as the anti-blog in his article, which makes a lot of sense when considering that blogs are by design supposed to make sense, attribute where things came from and attract an audience beyond a close circle of friends. That Tumblr succeeds without doing these things – while serving up a mind-numbing number of animated gifs and unattributed photographs – might explain why “old” people like me are confused and annoyed by its massive popularity.

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