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‘House of Cards’ a great moment for great television


“Netflix’s original-programming move¬†is¬†competition for cable. Our attention is finite, as is time. The more time we spend with Netflix, the less time we spend on cable, the less valuable cable is, blah blah blah, this argument is familiar to all of you. But for now, don’t consider the Netflix Effect — and, in particular, its foray into exclusive shows — a turning point in cord-cutting wars. Consider it instead simply a great moment for great television. The market for super-deluxe-high-quality TV programming is getting deeper.”

-Derek Thompson, in an article for The Atlantic

My free time has been consumed by the show this week for a reason, but I don’t know if I’m ready to call the show “great” just yet. High quality, yes. On the level of The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad or Friday Night Lights? Not quite.

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