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For the love of God, beer and cussing

Tom Larson loves God, beer and using four letter words to describe his journey from dropping LSD driving across the continental divide of the Rocky Mountains to being one of only seven invited guests to a private dinner party with a multimillionaire Christian evangelist.

Larson, the founder and former executive of the nonprofit Healing Waters International, is anxious to share his “adventures of a schitzophrenic evangelical” story but he’s run into a little trouble convincing a book publisher to champion his “For Love of God and Beer” memoir.

The problem: it’s apparently too Christian for mainstream publishers and too rough around the edges (read: his favorite word is shit and it has beer in the title) for the Christian bookstore shopping public.

To drum up an audience, Larson has posted the book’s prologue and first chapter on his Web site as well as a survey with an array of odd questions to gauge reader interest and judge the demographics of the book’s potential audience.

It’s a bit of an awkward approach and Larson even admits on the site that he feels “like a dick” promoting himself, but I was amused and enlightened enough by what I read of his story to want to share it with you.

Check it out, whether you love God, beer and cussing or not.

(The above photo is from the short-lived NBC show “God, the Devil and Bob.” It seemed an appropriate illustration.)

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