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Elsewhere: Yet another Friedberg-Seltzer movie

In honor of the new Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer spoof Disaster Movie opening in theaters this weekend, Slate has recycled Josh Levin’s hilarious take on the prolific film-spoofers called “Bring on the Charlatans.”

Here’s a taste:

Friedberg and Seltzer do not practice the same craft as P.T. Anderson, David Cronenberg, Michael Bay, Kevin Costner, the Zucker Brothers, the Wayans Brothers, Uwe Boll, any dad who takes shaky home movies on a camping trip, or a bear who turns on a video camera by accident while trying to eat it. They are not filmmakers. They are evildoers, charlatans, symbols of Western civilization’s decline under the weight of too many pop culture references.

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