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Elsewhere: Factcheck.org is our friend

For those of you keeping track at home, the McCain campaign is comfortably in the lead this silly season in the area of deceit. According to Farhad Monjoo’s count in this Slate piece, McCain’s camp has misled the public 22 times to Obama’s 12.

That the number of lies piling up from both sides resembles an American football score should be enough to make you sick to your stomach and hopefully help you see the lunacy of being a hardcore partisan in a broken two-party system.

Sarah Palin has been lying so much about so many stupid things — like saying she visited Ireland when she never left the plane and repeating over and over again the thanks but no thanks to the Bridge to Nowhere line — she’s starting to sound a lot like a campaigning Bill-smoked-marijuana-but-didn’t-inhale-Clinton from the ’90s.

Obama, meanwhile, had many who favor reducing abortions over upending Roe v. Wade fooled on his line about the number of abortions increasing during the Bush years (they haven’t) and Joe Biden, well, him calling his running mate Barack America and telling a paraplegic to stand up so everyone could see him have pretty much overshadowed anything else he’s done in the campaign so far.

McCain’s campaign, which has been getting a lot of mainstream and left-leaning press for lying in ads and on “The View,” had the audacity to say Obama supported sex education for kindergartens when the bill he supported actually was seeking educating kindergartners about fending of sexual predators.

And so on and so on.

In times like this those of us who still take the election of president more seriously than we do Dancing With the Stars or American Idol, have only one place to turn — Factcheck.org.

Please, please, please, before you believe anything Barry, Sarah, Joe, John or their campaign’s say, check Factcheck. org or any of the other nonpartisan fact check sites out there. The same applies to e-mails about Obama being a Muslim (he still isn’t) and Sarah Palin trying to ban books written after she was no longer the mayor of Wasilla.

-Matt Ralph

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