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Don’t pitch your Polaroid just yet

If you own one of those fancy Polaroid cameras that only use film no longer in production, hang on for another year.

A group of Dutch artists have purchased a shuttered Polaroid factory in the Netherlands, equipment included, and plan to have a new line of instant film pumping out of the place again in 2010.

The film will obviously not be called Polaroid anymore — the Boston-based company has apparently moved on to more digital pastures — but will be compatible with vintage Polaroid cameras, according to a Web site for the group undertaking the “impossible mission.”

From the site:

“The Impossible mission is NOT to re-build Polaroid Integral film but (with the help of strategic partners) to develop a new product with new characteristics, consisting of new optimised components, produced with a streamlined modern setup.”

The Web site keeps crashing my Web browser, but perhaps you’ll have better luck at

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