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CT’s right-wing slant


I don’t know if I agree with his larger point about Christianity Today’s ideology showing or how a web-only article published six months after the election is evidence of a complete editorial slant, but Greg Horton takes a well-deserved swipe at the flagship evangelical publication for perpetuating a shameless right-wing media prank that has long since expired and turned a dark shade of vomit-inducing sour.

No, I’m not liberal enough to be talking about Sarah Palin. I’m talking about the guy she may just be planning to run another unsuccesful campaign for high office with in 2012.

Responding to this interview, Horton writes:

More to the point though is Christianity Today’s utter lunacy in publishing this piece of shit interview. Joe the Plumber is not news. He is manufactured news. McCain uses him, incorrectly of course, as Joe’s challenge to Obama’s tax plan was predicated on its potential harm to Joe’s business. Turns out Obama’s tax plan that Joe challenged actually would have helped Joe’s business. Never one to miss out on fake news though, FoxNews makes Joe an icon of the Right. Perfect. And they still can’t figure out how McCain lost…as if two iconic idiots had nothing to do with it.

Dear CT, there is a story out there about evangelical and fundamentalist Christians and their unwavering, inexplicable support for the Republican party. I assure you though that there are far more articulate voices than Samuel Wurzelbacher’s. Maybe you should dig up some smart evangelicals. I know a few. I don’t agree with them, but they could compose a better first paragraph than Joe’s while exegeting Revelation, praying in tongues, and getting slain in the Spirit. As my friend Leighton (who passed this link on to me) said, “Shouldn’t they have changed their name to Republicanity Today by now?” Indeed. You should, because publishing an interview with Joe the Plumber indicates that your news compass is as broken as FoxNews’s. That or your real political ideology is starting to show…

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