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Cast Party event a toast to the podcast universe(0)

July 29, 2015

Podcasts have been everywhere in the news this year – Serial is still everywhere, President Obama stopped by Marc Maron’s garage to be interviewed for WTF – so it only makes sense that the medium would ride the wave of popularity to the level of a stage show simulcasted to movie theaters around the country. But what exactly […]

Is that Smash Williams playing beer pong in ‘Boyhood’?

If you pay close attention in Richard Linklater’s Oscar-nominated 2014 film Boyhood, you might recognize a familiar face playing beer pong at a party.

Chess-playing IT guy named Jordan Henderson is Twitter famous

As Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson star has risen in the Premier League this season, so too has the popularity of the Twitter account of a Jordan Henderson who lives in Ohio.

Upon Further Reflection: Looking Back on 2014

A review of the music, books, movies, podcasts, TV shows and other cultural artifacts I enjoyed in 2014.

Fictional Bands: Bobby Knight Ranger

I’m still recovering from the shock of its time-jump ending, but one of many memorable and subtle moments in the season six finale of Parks and Recreation was one of the bands that took the stage for the Pawnee/Eagleton Unity Day concert. While Jeff Tweedy’s cameo was obvious and already the subject of a previous […]