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Cartoon Bill James


Fresh off his attempt at legitimizing an unattractive porn star, director Steven Soderbergh’s next feat will reportedly be to give baseball stats guru Bill James the Roger Rabbit treatment in a film adaptation of the best-selling book Moneyball.


That Soderbergh is adapting the non-fiction book about the A’s use of statistics to outsmart bigger and more wealthy teams into a flm in the first place with Brad Pitt starring as Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane is enough of a head scratcher alone. Recent news of the father of Sabermetrics being turned into some kind of a CGI “oracle” is utterly confounding.

For some reason, I keep picturing that annoying cartoon Microsoft Word  paper clip or a little Bill James genie appearing in a puff of smoke with the grating sound those info bubbles used to make on VH1’s pop-up video.

Hopefully I’m wrong since I probably represent the core audience of OPS (on-base plus slugging)-loving stat nerd fans a film of this nature should be trying to reach.

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