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Bill Cosby threatens to sue Cosby Sweaters website


Thanks to Bill Cosby’s people, a popular sports and pop culture website just got a lot less colorful with its name. The website formerly known as Cosby Sweaters, named one of Time’s top 50 websites of 2012, recently changed its name to the bland handle Next Impulse Sports after receiving a cease and desist from Cosby’s legal team, which wrote, in part:

Mr. Cosby has used his name for decades in connection with activities as an entertainer. His name is famous throughout the world and he has acquired tremendous goodwill and valuable intellectual property rights, including a United States trademark registration…

In addition, as you know, the multi-colored, multi-patterned sweaters that Mr. Cosby wore on “The Cosby Show,” an iconic television program that aired from 1984 through 1992 and has continued in broadcast as reruns and in syndication both domestically and internationally through the present, are strongly associated with Cosby. The term “Cosby Sweater” instantly evokes Mr. Cosby and The Cosby Show.

You can read all about it HERE.

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