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Advanced book scouting

A tactician like big league manager Tony La Russa relies heavily on advanced scouting to look for ways to shift his outfield for a certain batter, good counts to hit and run on a particular pitcher and, according to Yahoo! Sports, the contents of a book he has no intention of reading.

St. Louis manager Tony La Russa received an advanced scouting report on the book and didn’t expect the release to disrupt the Cardinals’ camp.

“Somebody I knew read an advanced copy,” La Russa said prior to morning workouts. “He said that (Jay) said some stuff—it wasn’t really first-page-to-last-page damning stuff about Mark.”

Neither Mark McGwire nor La Russa plan to read the book.

“What’s the point?” La Russa said. “It’s stuff that’s already been gone over a bunch of times. I don’t know what it’s going to change.”

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