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A ‘curious’ concept of color blindness

One of the distinguishing characteristics of modern American conservatism is that it believes in a curious concept of ‘color blindness.’ In this view, racism is bad. But absent truly egregious behavior, it’s not something you’d really get all that upset about nor is it something you should be really attuned do. But so-called ‘political correctness’ — meaning something like anti-racism that’s gone too far — is a really serious problem. Any hint of political correctness is worth getting upset about. And the views of actual members of racial minorities as to what is and isn’t racist should be completely discounted. Rather than saying that the prudent and decent white person will steer a mile clear of racist activity — sending out ‘Barack the Magic Negro‘ CDs, for example — the best course of action is to deliberately drive straight at the line and then get really upset at anyone who says you’ve crossed it.

Matthew Yglesias

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