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24 laptops in 31 seconds!


After watching this news report of a well-organized Apple Store heist in South Jersey, I kind of want to get some buddies together, don masks and go try and break this 24 laptops and 14 iPhones and nine iTouches in 31 seconds record. Seriously, who wouldn’t at least be tempted to take up burglary when it results in newscasters saying things like “spectacular smash and grab” and “scooped up merchandise like a holiday shopping spree.” 

Way to go Action News. You just gave kids not cut out for pro sports another idea of how they can gain fame and (at $3,000 bucks a pop for the MacBook Pros) a small fortune. All they need is a few masks to conceal their identity, a blunt object to break the glass and some good sneaks to get in and out in a hurry.

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